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Kerrygold, a brand that prides itself on making moments come to life, wanted to tackle the chaos and stress of the holidays by providing comforting emotional outlets for all five of the senses, in a way that is truly Irish and delicious. All 5 experiences can be reached here 

Touch, Relaxing Recipes

We cultivated 3 recipes that call for soothing, repetitive movements, like kneading dough, whisking or icing a cake.

Soothing Irish Sounds 

We curated quintessential, calming Irish sounds and scenery on Spotify to reduce holiday stress on the go
or at home.


Irish Streams

We created Soothing Irish streams to transport viewers away from holiday stress and immerse them in the serenity of Ireland. 


We can't address coping with stress without comfort food, so we curated a bundle of recipes that are perfect to share and spread peace during the holiday season.

Soothing Scents

We curated recipes with holiday scents that can actually sooth, like cinnamon, clove and vanilla.

Organic Content

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