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I am a fraternal triplet who was raised on animal rights and ghost tours.

Spooky season is when I feel most ALIVE, UNLESS I'm dancing.

I adore Kate Chopin, Lizzo, Zora Neal Hurston and Frida Kahlo
(all iconic writers IMO).

I crave stories so much that I am a self-proclaimed, serial eavesdropper and have a LARGE personal collection of the unique phrases that my loved ones have said. 

I am OBSESSED with the intricate ins and outs of social media and it has totally enabled my need to learn something new, ever 10 seconds.

And finally and most importantly, I have an unhealthy love for Bob's Burgers, specifically Louise Belcher. 



Recent Reading

Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon

Grandma-esque Tendencies

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