I am a fraternal triplet whose parents raised her on animal rights and ghost tours.


I like 1800's literature and Shakespeare plays as long as it's NOT Romeo and Juliet.

Some queens I find to be inspiring include but are not limited to: 

Kate Chopin, Lizzo, and Frida Kahlo.

I crave stories so much that I am a self-proclaimed serial eavesdropper.

My favorite thing is learning from and playing with the truly special tiny humans that I have the honor of babysitting. 

I decompress by needle-pointing abstract, colorful nonsense and watching children's cartoons.

I NEVER wear socks to bed, unlike Art Director Laney Roberts.


Recent Reading

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Inspo and Creative Outlets

An Eavesdropper's Dream

Here are a few quotes from my personal collection of "Things that People Say". I collect how people express themselves in never-heard-before ways to broaden my scope as a writer and a storyteller.

Shout out to these wonderful people for giving me the honor of expressing themselves in my presence and letting me write it down.

Grandma-esque Tendencies

Recent Artwork

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I am a modern dancer, which means I enjoy the abstract storytelling that can come from the body's wild and strange capabilities.