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I am a fraternal triplet who was raised on animal rights and ghost tours. Oh, and I don't know if it's obvious, but October and Halloween are the times when I feel most alive.
Some queens I find to be inspiring include but are not limited to: 
Kate Chopin, Lizzo, and Frida Kahlo.

I crave stories so much that I am a self-proclaimed serial eavesdropper and have a LARGE personal collection of the unique phrases that the people around me have said. 

My favorite thing is learning from the ever-expanding and imaginative minds of the kids I babysit. 

I decompress by needle-pointing colorful nonsense, watching cartoons, and trying new crafts (my most recent projects are a stuffed animal whose head isn't exactly sewn on right,  and a "trash" house).




Recent Reading

Beyond the Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon
The Brothers Grimm

Grandma-esque Tendencies

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